Choir Books for Ordinary Time (A) II
June 1 - August 16, 2020

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    Glory to God:  chanted (Lee/Liu)
    Gospel Acclamation:  Mesa Kahiko (Mondoy)
    Eucharistic Prayer: Queen of Peace Mass (Liu)
    Lord's Prayer & Final Doxology:  chanted
    Lamb of God:  Queen of Peace Mass (Liu)

     TRI    Daniel 3 "Glory and Praise Forever" (Mondoy)
   B&B    Psalm 147 "Jerusalem, Give Glory" (Mondoy)
    12th    Psalm 69 "In Your Great Love" (Mondoy)
    13th    Psalm 89 "My Heart Shall Sing" [KAMIANO] (Mondoy)
    14th    Psalm 145 "I Will Exalt You, God My King" (Mondoy)
    15th    Psalm 65 "You Keep Your Promise" [HO‘OLEHUA] (Mondoy)
    16th    Psalm 86 "You are good and forgiving" (Mondoy)
    17th    Psalm 119 "How I love your law, O Lord" (Mondoy)
    18th    Psalm 145 "You Open Wide Your Hand, O Lord" (Mondoy) [REVISED]
    19th    Psalm 85 "Let us see, O Lord, your salvation" [Maluhia] (Mondoy)
   DEDI   Psalm 67 "Let the peoples of the earth exult" [Maika‘i ka Makani] (Mondoy)